Visualizing Data

Making Infographics with Easily:

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Turn your data into a map using an Excel spreadsheet or a Google Doc

Safest Country (2014)

     What three countries are the most dangerous to live in? 

     (You'll have to compare the map with Google Earth or an atlas)

Nature Conservancy Maps (2014)

     Using the layers for "Marine Maps,"  name three continents that have Mangrove habitat.

Atomic Testing  (Click for the link to a YouTube 7 minute step animation)

     From 1945-1998, atomic bombs were detonated by 8 nations for a total of 2.053 blasts both above and under ground. This 7 minute movie, assembled with screen shots, show the location, month/year and nation responsible for each blast.

     Here is all the information one needs to assemble a static infographic.

     One question: Why was there a lull in nuclear testing? Why did it resume with such intensity?  Hint: You'll have to research US history for the year and month(s) involved.

Earthquakes (Click to go to another page in this site. It will open in a separate window)

          The United States Geologic Survey (USGS) maintains a database of all earthquakes around the earth. The link here gets you to the page where one can search for earthquakes, and suggestions on what to do with the data. The end result, a scatter plot, reveals the tectonic plates. Looking at Google Earth, the specific lats and longs can then be entered to see the exact location of the quake.

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