Cells in 6th Grade

One 6th grade teacher decided he wanted to use more technology with his 6th grade students. He was planning a unit on animal and plant cells.

  1. We used a drawing program to duplicate and name animal and plant cell structure. When finished, there wasn’t a 6th grader who could not identify cell structures.
  2. The drawing was exported as a picture ( .jpg format).
  3. Students created a slideshow (in this case using Keynote) covering the specific slides that the teacher wanted, and then added their own. One slide contained the drawing exported as a .jpg file noted above.
  4. Students handed in their work electronically to the teacher’s hand in folder on his server storage area.
  5. When finished, students had other students evaluate their presentations rather than walking through all of them to the entire class one at a time.

This was a successful project that students really enjoyed. They learned a lot about cells, and because of the complexity of the work (technology !), they will retain this information for some time to come.

.  © Brad Edwards 2016