John Deere 1955 40-C

When I lived in Maine, I did some logging with a neighbor who had a 420, a couple of years newer than the one I have.

(Here are some photos)

Two winters ago, I had to cut up a fallen cherry tree out back because I had no way of getting it to roadside to have it trucked to the local log yard (I later learned that the value of that cherry log was less than $30 before trucking, so I really was doing the most cost effective thing by turning it into firewood)

So that spring I went on a hunt for a tractor like my old friend, Oscar Gagnon, used to use.  I found one in Waldoboro, Maine, and got the guy to truck it up here one snowy, slushy day. Had to hose it down to get the road salt off it !

Since then, I've used it two winters hauling out over 9 cords of firewood and over 8500 board feet of spruce and fir saw logs.

I ran it only if it was 10+ degrees (mostly because at that temperature I knew it would start better than I would), and I worked it hours at a time.

The under carriage now needs some work (bushings are badly worn, left steering clutch barely works, one roller needs to be replaced), but it'll start every time and is just an amazingly powerful creation!

This winter, one spruce tree fought me for two hours, first leaning the wrong way, then falling into an seemingly impossible area to access, but I got that 75 footer to my log yard two logs at a time, the Johnny Popper having no problem skidding them along the packed trail from the woods out back. That beast scaled out to 300 board feet!

.  © Brad Edwards 2016