Leveraging Learning, Auburn, maine


The Leveraging Learning conference was the most valuable I have attended in a number of years. Well organized, well staffed with great presenters, it is the one conference to attend if you use iPads in your K-4 classrooms.

First, a book that should be required reading for all K-3 teachers, their principals and technologists:

( I have both hard copy and Kindle versions. I prefer the Kindle version as there are many links that are more readily accessible. This is pretty easy reading, relevant -2015– and well researched.)


And a link to the conference itself:

Leveraging Learning Conference in Auburn, Maine on iPads K-4


$450 plus lodging, travel, meals, etc at Riverview Hilton on the Androscoggin 

Not only is this a great venue for the conference, the learning your iPad using teachers will experience will be amazing. 

The iTunes course code where all the conference notes are stored is 

FDX-ZMF-BZF    This is accessible from any iOS device through iTunesU app.

Two important apps:

Explain Everything, a screen casting app, was a real highlight with the developer leading some sessions and giving the closing keynote. K students add photos of their animal, tell what they know aobut it and how they know it, and then ask the essential question of what they would like to learn about it. Formative assessment at its best.

Combined with Seesaw, a free service, the teacher adds the students, they access the “class” by using the built in QR Code reader, then they push their Explain Everything project to Seesaw where parents who have been invited and approved by the teacher can view their child’s work. K students can do this. Their Auburn, ME teacher remarked that she had fewer conferences because Mom and Dad had already seen their child’s work and didn’t need to come in !! I’m now working with a few primary teachers on this same process.

App review sites:

     If the app is on the “top 100 list,” it’s a meaningless endorsement. Instead, look for a reading specialist on the app development team for literacy apps or consult one of these sites:

Kids' Educational App & Game Reviews from Balefire Labs

Children's Technology Review | News and reviews of children's interactive media

App Reviews - Kids Apps | Common Sense Media

Teachers With Apps - Because Not All Apps Are Created Equal

Digital Storytime

Moms with Apps

Parents’ Choice Foundation

Teachers With Apps Blog

And then there’s Tiggly and Osmo:Digital Manipulatives  (my descriptive term)

Osmo – Award-Winning Educational Games System for iPad

Tiggly | Interactive Toys & iPad Learning Apps for Kids

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