Fun With iPads:Paper Cut Animaiton

If you haven’t done so already, go to and create your Apple ID. Remember the answers to the three security questions. To create the account without a link to a credit card, click on this link for how to.

If you can get these apps before hand, it will save bandwidth and time:

To make the paper cut animation, you’ll need iMovie from the iTunes store.

Also  Doodle Buddy

Next, please check out the link at the top of this page “Digital Story Telling.” There, you’ll find some sample work, templates for storyboards, and a link to fables. Paper-cut animation is what we’ll be working on. That drop down menu also has a link to the “paper cut process” which is an overview of the workflow.

SHARING: Here’s a link at google docs for some exemplars.

One option with your students is If you want to practice this, the “course” code is P9N2T-9M3N7  From there, you’ll be able to upload your movie directly from the iMovie app to the Schoology app and directly to the assignment.

You will be able to replicate this project with your students starting the Monday after this conference while learning so very much, having a great time, and producing work they’ll beam about and remember for a long while.

iOS 8.1 is out. Here’s what’s new:

There’s text summary as well as an 11 minuted video.

All teachers using iPads with their students need to be aware of newest apps. Here are three sites that I use to keep up to date:

1.Learning With Technology daily “paper” that is published around 9AM

2. A list of apps that I’ve been working on. I’ve downloaded many of these, and for the ones that are not free, I relied on the recommendations found on the iTunes app store.

3. Happipapi is a free service that let’s you download apps that are initially free on Firday’s. In return, the service asks that you complete a questionnaire to evaluate the apps. Usually there are two each week. An iTunes gift card for $10 (which I received once) is the cheese.

4.Richard Byrne’s iPad Apps for School

5. Richard Byrnes’s Free Technology for Teachers

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